Masone’s Labyrinth

It takes its name from the Templar mansion that was housed there. From the beginning, nomen omen, we are directed to the esoteric and initiatory reading of this landscape architecture, consisting of an initiatory building / temple surrounded by a labyrinth woven into bamboo plants in a square plan inscribed in a starry form:

the nunc stans , earthly spatiality is always framed in the contemplation of the stars (nunc fluens, celestial vault, circle).

The path is easy and comparable to a walk in nature, surrounded by tall plants measuring 8000Å on the Bovis scale. It is not clear whether this is due to the effects of the plants or the presence of a capillary network of the underground irrigation system. The path is marked by 12 alchemical stations which we will discuss in detail in a future article.

Nosce te ipsum, know yourself, this is the meaning of the labyrinthine path, to undertake a centripetal journey within oneself, enveloping oneself in the spiral-shaped meanders until reaching the apotheosis by meeting, at the center, our true Self.

The solution of the labyrinth leads to a pyramidal initiatory chapel: a small cathedral of the spirit in the desert, where an eidotype of the path of the labyrinth is reproduced on the marble floor. This is apparently similar to the real one, yet profoundly dissimilar. In the paved version, the path is unique, there are no dead ends and it reminds us of what we often encounter in churches and that the faithful, unable to take the path to the Holy Land, used to walk on their knees, praying. The layout is the same: a four-lobed space.

By placing one’s feet at the entrance to the labyrinth on the floor, one perceives a weakening of one’s physical and mental disposition: the tests have begun. At the first step taken to enter the first segment of the path, the biometer signals the immediate value of 3000 Angstrom.

Stone labyrinth scheme

This number will rise progressively and regularly adding 3000Å with each entry into a new quadrant, proceeding counterclockwise. 6000Å for the second, 9000Å for the third and 12000Å for the last quadrant until reaching the final dromos and here the reading precipitates in a final test for our resolve returning to 3000Å and then re-establishing itself beyond 12000Å by accessing the center and reaching the acme.

We propose, in a subsequent visit, a research on the precise measurements of this artifact, looking for new ideas in this mysterious architecture.

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